Over the last decade, HMRC have restructured the PAYE system quite dramatically and there are now many statutory obligations for employers. From Employer Payment Submissions (EPS) to Full Payment Submissions (FPS), to holiday pay, to statutory sick pay, the whole area can quickly become very complicated. For these reasons, most employers find themselves outsourcing these particular employer requirements.

We find that most employers simply prefer to communicate details of employee’s hours in exchange for timely payslips showing deductions for Tax and National Insurance where appropriate.

Our PAYE department can process weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even annual payroll if required.


Legal forms of employers

Whether you’re a sole trader looking to employ your first member of staff, or you are trading as a limited company and looking to pay yourself a salary under PAYE, or you have a large number of employees, we can help you with these headaches. Sometimes when paying an individual, a PAYE scheme may not be required at all, but please check with our team beforehand.


Employee benefits

This can be another tricky area, particularly one which HMRC focus upon during investigations.

It is a common misconception that employee benefits only apply for things such as car benefits, or medical insurance benefits, but they can extend much further – such as to interest free loans, mileage payments or even using company assets for personal use.

This particular area can be a minefield with Tax geared penalties for incorrectly prepared returns. We strongly advise that you consult with ourselves concerning your employee’s remuneration packages and associated benefits.

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